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President of Senior Staffing, Inc., Elmer Alegado Discusses the Benefits of Using Staffing Services

President of Senior Staffing, Inc., Elmer Alegado discusses the benefits of using a staffing service for your company’s hiring needs.

Finding an employee perfectly qualified for your company’s opening position can be difficult. However, many companies are turning to staffing services to make the process easier. Recently, President of Senior Staffing, Inc., Elmer Alegado Nurse discussed the benefits of using staffing services for your company’s individual hiring needs. Elmer Alegado explained that staffing services can take all of the stress and uncertainty out of the hiring process.

Similarly, Elmer Alegado explained that staffing services also save managers and executives countless hours of time, ultimately, increasing profits.

“Managers are spending hours and full days attempting to recruit people for open positions,” Elmer Alegado said. “These are hours they could be using to improve systems and profits.”

In addition to saving time, Elmer Alegado described how staffing services can save companies a lot of money. Because staffing agencies handle all of the aspects of hiring, companies no longer to pay for background testing, drug testing, and other pre-employment testing. This is in addition to the money saved by keeping employees working on their everyday tasks rather than pushing them aside to focus on hiring.

“Staffing agencies are already equipped with a network of qualified candidates,” Elmer Alegado said. “This means less searching and drastically faster hiring.”

Elmer Alegado said job positions can be filled much more quickly when using a staffing agencies. What would normally take weeks or even months of researching applicants can be completed in days or even hours. For instance, a business that needs a certain number of qualified employees could open in a matter of days rather than waiting months for a sufficient number of qualified employees to be hired.

“When companies use a staffing agency, they gain employees that will stick around,” Elmer Alegado explained. “The employees companies receive with a staffing agency are ones that plan on holding the position for a long time.”

Staffing experts like Elmer Alegado explain that these agencies are equipped with experienced recruiters who seek employees interested in staying with the company for the long-run. When businesses choose staffing companies they can count on a much lower turnaround, as new employees come equipped with some training and a complete understanding of the company’s rules, goals, and more.

“Businesses can stop placing numerous ads on social media and job boards hoping for positive results,” Elmer Alegado said. “They can hire a staffing agency and simply get back to work.”

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