Elmer Alegado Explains how Healthcare Hiring has Changed During COVID-19

According to Elmer Alegado, healthcare facilities increase hiring as more workers are needed on the front lines for Covid-19.

The current Covid-19 pandemic has created a shortage of hospital beds, supplies, and healthcare workers. Our system is reaching capacity, especially in ICU units, where patients need individualized care and specialized treatment. Elmer Alefado explains that as the need increases, so does the need for hiring professional nurses and certified nursing assistants.

On top of needing to take care of more patients, healthcare workers themselves are getting sick while fighting the virus on the front lines. Elmer Alegado explains that some of those key employees are now calling out of work to quarantine or seek treatment. Hospitals, nursing homes, and healthcare facilities around the nation need to reinforce their staffing units by hiring more people.

Elmer Alegado, President of StrategiCareStaffing, notes that many hospitals are turning to outside hiring agencies to help them fill their positions. Elmer Alegado leads a company that does just that. StrategiCareStaffing looks for professional people that are ready to train and enter the healthcare field. Certified nursing assistants and nurses are needed in every kind of healthcare facility and quickly.

According to Elmer Alegado, many healthcare facilities are fast-tracking their hiring process. New positions are opening daily that are essential to the operation of Covid-19 care. Applications that would typically take a few weeks or months to fill are now being approved for hire in as little as a few hours. Elmer Alegado notes that the pandemic is creating a very urgent hiring spree during a time when the healthcare industry is already understaffed.

Covid-19 is also changing the way that employers conduct their screening process. Healthcare employers are interviewing candidates remotely. Elmer Alegado explains that applicants can expect to use video conferencing for interviews, but should still dress interview-appropriate. In many instances, even the final interview will be virtual to help slow the spread of Covid-19 and expedite the hiring process at the same time.

Elmer Alegado notes that many healthcare organizations are even accepting applicants from other industries. Many people are out of work due to states shutting down, so hospitals are making use of professionals seeking temporary employment. For example, Elmer Alegado explains that people who were laid off as school nurses, housekeeping, admin support, cooks, and more can now find work in hospitals and healthcare facilities.

The Covid-19 pandemic has allowed people to make a drastic career change to the medical industry. Elmer Alegado notes that healthcare jobs will only continue to grow over the next ten years as our population increases, and we see long-term effects from Covid-19 come into play. Those who are in entry-level positions, like certified nursing assistants, can expect to see hazard pay or promotions in many facilities as they require experienced professionals to move up into empty and essential positions.

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