Elmer Alegado

Elmer Alegado Discusses The Future of Healthcare Staffing

As head of a healthcare staffing agency and previously practicing registered nurse, Elmer Alegado knows what the industry should expect in the future due to COVID-19. Research has shown that almost half of all medical facilities have increased recruiting efforts to accommodate growing patient loads. As quarantine restrictions ease, these staffing needs will not diminish. Many patients have been eagerly awaiting to schedule routine checkups, and elective surgeries and medical facilities will need extra staff to help manage overbookings.

Elmer Alegado on Staffing During a Healthcare Crisis
Elmer Alegado’s agency StrategiCare Staffing has seen a surge of medical facilities needing to fill what is known as “crisis” jobs. Nurses and support staff needs surge for multiple reasons during the pandemic. With more healthcare workers needed to treat COVID-19 patients, temporary employees must also cover permanent workers out sick due to COVID-19. During this timeframe, healthcare staffing organizations must step up and prove their viability to the industry. Healthcare staffing firms can retain new accounts during this time period and see unprecedented amounts of revenue growth. Recruitment needs are always fluid, but a decline in other industries won’t occur in healthcare staffing in the immediate future.

Elmer Alegado on Planning for the Future

In light of COVID-19, medical professionals have turned to the Centers for Disease Control for guidance on how to handle understaffing. The CDC recommends one of two strategies to manage staffing issues—Contingency and Crisis Capacity Strategies. If healthcare shortages exist despite prevention methods used by medical facilities, the CDC advises alternate sites and alternatives to staffing. Staffing alternatives are critical since healthcare workers must receive clearance for a return to work. Prematurely allowing healthcare workers to resume duties puts other medical staff at risk and patients under their care. Recruiting additional healthcare workers to take over responsibilities puts less of a strain on current employees. Medical facilities aim to avoid outages where cancellations of surgeries and other routine appointments occur due to staff shortages. In the future, Elmer Alegado predicts a push from medical organizations against licensing requirements for physicians and doctors. The current legislation only allows for a Section 1135 waiver when a national emergency is declared. This waiver permits out-of-state medical personnel to provide patient care.

Background of Elmer Alegado and StrategiCare Staffing
Elmer Alegado has been a part of the medical industry in one form or another for decades. First, practicing as a physician in the Philippines before migrating to the United States and finding employment as a registered nurse. His goal through StrategiCare Staffing is to reduce the employment gap experienced by many medical facilities throughout California and surrounding states.

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