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Elmer Alegado Explains how Healthcare Hiring has Changed During COVID-19

According to Elmer Alegado, healthcare facilities increase hiring as more workers are needed on the front lines for Covid-19. The current Covid-19 pandemic has created a shortage of hospital beds, supplies, and healthcare workers. Our system is reaching capacity, especially in ICU units, where patients need individualized care and specialized treatment. Elmer Alefado explains that […]

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Elmer Alegado Discusses The Future of Healthcare Staffing

As head of a healthcare staffing agency and previously practicing registered nurse, Elmer Alegado knows what the industry should expect in the future due to COVID-19. Research has shown that almost half of all medical facilities have increased recruiting efforts to accommodate growing patient loads. As quarantine restrictions ease, these staffing needs will not diminish. […]

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Elmer Alegado Leverages Past Experience as President of Strategic Staffing, Inc.

Elmer Alegado is a leader in the strategic staffing in the healthcare field. He uses the same techniques as president of Strategic Staffing, Inc. as in other areas of life. Strategic Staffing, Inc. specializes in helping hospitals and other healthcare facilities operate at optimal staffing Capacity. This includes analyzing staffing patterns from previous years and projecting […]

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President of Senior Staffing, Inc., Elmer Alegado Discusses the Benefits of Using Staffing Services

President of Senior Staffing, Inc., Elmer Alegado discusses the benefits of using a staffing service for your company’s hiring needs. Finding an employee perfectly qualified for your company’s opening position can be difficult. However, many companies are turning to staffing services to make the process easier. Recently, President of Senior Staffing, Inc., Elmer Alegado Nurse […]

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Non-Medical Care Explained by Elmer Alegado

Healthcare professional, Elmer Alegado, explains what non-medical care means and how it can benefit your loved ones.  As our family members and loved ones get older, they sometimes find themselves needing assistance with everyday tasks that are not medically related. In addition to helping the elderly, caregivers also help disabled persons perform their activities of […]